Walking backwards

There’s thunder in the sky. It has been building for days. It’s evening and my daughter and I decide to make our way to the edge of the village with its gorgeous views. The sun is improvising lazily through the holes in the clouds onto the landscape. allowing normally invisible shapes to be lit up.

Lola the Donkey is by the side of the lane and we go up to her. Everyone should have a Lola in their vicinity. She listens patiently to whatever you need to tell her and she loves to cuddle. She has the softests of muzzles, velvety patches besides her nostils. Godly, I tell my daughter. I kiss it and murmur just how gorgeous she is.

We walk backwards on the way home, so we can continue looking at the thunderous sky. It’s a weird experience, walking backwards, an odd sense, to trust what is behind you.

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