Pilgriminiscing, Squashed Salamanders, and Cute Ponies

23120167_10154884571826837_6631287652754084812_oI went on a 22km run this morning, following part of the Pilgrims route. Pilgrimeniscing, I decided, as I was listening to Steven Covey’s 7 Habits audio book at the same time and I thought how I could engage in a Show Off Saturday on social media after this run, casually mentioning my mileage, which would indicate my level of fitness (excellent) and posting pics of views I encountered on the way (gorgeous) and perhaps jokingly mention that I only had one fall (no injuries) and had seen 12 dead salamanders on the road all in different states of squashedness and had pondered on the significance of that, if I were to see it as a sign.

Looking for the meaning of life while being faced with squashed salamanders: perhaps that is the best description of facetiousness.

But more importantly, the answer came from a bunch of My Little Ponies. Their level of cuteness was off the scale and I decided you’re allowed to show off a bit. As long as you know that in the grand scale of things it doesn’t really matter. What matters is stopping when you see cuteness and sing to it. The My Little Pony Theme tune in this case.

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