K is for Knowledge

View from a rockVillager J likes to remind me that I was completely clueless when I arrived in the village.  He’s right in many ways.

“You really didn’t know how to plant potatoes.”  he says, with a smirk.

This is partially true. I had lived in Portugal for a bit before moving here and I had learned from a wonderfully inspiring Rasta neighbour how to do it. I had no idea what Colorado beetles were though, nor what devastation they could cause. But I know a method to deal with them.

I know a lot about ancient petroglyphs since moving here, even though Villager J claimed it was just a useless rock I had stumbled across.

I know how to swear like a trooper in Galician.

I know how to make chorizo and I know how to clean pig guts.

I know that wild boar will get to your about to be harvested potatoes if they really want to.  And there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Zilch, nada.

I know that there’s no such things as earthquakes in the village, it’s just Enraged Enrique’s Oxcart.

I know that tornadoes do happen in Galicia, even though I thought they didn’t.

I know you should crouch down and look at frozen mud up close. Because it doesn’t look anything like you think it would.

I know that cabbage and kale leaves are highly entertaining.

I know that it’s important to go for walks with a stick. Because there are dangerous dogs out there.

I know all about chimney fires.

But most importantly, I know it’s essential to feel small. Often.  

To remind ourselves how little we really know.

One thought on “K is for Knowledge

  1. Essential to feel small and often. Thanks for the reminder, we need it in an age where blog stats, likes and follows matter more than feeling small. Reading that gave my day a lift.

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion

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