Out of Reach

11222412_10152969488371837_3109425769352200224_nMy self-seeded sunflowers in the veggieplot have grown scarily large this year.

It was one of my ideas a while back to have a nice patch of them and I relied on the process of self seeding. Now, 4 years later, my wish has been granted. I have a decent patch full of sunflowers.

The villagers often ask me why I grow certain flowers or plants and are at loss to understand my reasoning; because I want to know what it’s like to stand in between them.

I grew field beans and borage in recent years for the same reason. The field beans experience was wonderful, perfect dark green leaves contrasting with white flowers, it was like witnessing nature getting married.

The patch of borage added an exhilarating factor to mere beauty; bees. Not just a few, but a lot. I stood there amidst a small purple sea which was alive. Unnerving at first, spellbinding in the end.

I had great hopes for the sunflowers. Their smell is intoxicating. The patterns of the flowers geometrical miracles.

However, Instead of the niceness I expected of standing with them, it feels menacing. Their heads are out of reach, I’ve never seen them so high. They overwhelm me.

The possibility has entered my mind that I’m part of a Jack and the Beanstalk-ish new horrifying fairytale and I’m supposed to climb them.

Maybe I ought to grow marigolds next year.

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