Incompetent Failure

When packaging clearly states it is ”easy to open” and you are experiencing the opposite.

In the grand scheme of things it ought to mean nothing, yet due to the state of mind you’re in it soon creates mental havoc. At first you’re still managing to (furiously) defer the blame to the industries who have been incompetent at creating easy to open packaging. Following that you get (slightly) annoyed with yourself for believing it would be easy to open anyway, you should have known better, commercialism is one big lie. At the end of this thought process however, the difficult to open packaging seems to represent everything you’ve ever tried to do and failed at. It makes you feel slightly mad. Overworked. Maybe both.

It’s just packaging. It’s just plastic, it’s harmless. You tell yourself.

You were in a similar situation last week, it dawns on you, when you created a new password for your email, and the computer told you it was weak. The word showed up in faded orange, a mocking color. The fact you observed it as a mocking colour made you feel slightly mad. Overworked. Maybe both.

For a few seconds you truly felt the computer was accusing you. You mumbled an apology to it and added some letters, symbols, a few capitals and your machine praised you for the effort. Very strong. It made you feel slightly mad that those encouraging green words on the screen made you feel good. Overworked. Maybe both.

Yet this packaging is different. You begin to realise. It is unrelenting. It’s turned into your nemesis.

It tears into the soft flesh of your fingers, your actions become more urgent. You fear the entire universe, your entire existence depends on the opening of this packaging. You can no longer comfort yourself with the thought that in a parallel universe it is very well possible you’ve managed to open this already. Infinite possibilities.

You begin to cry. You try to stop it, but it’s impossible. The crying descends into howling. You’re quite sure you’re mad now. Overworked too. And with one big final tear, you rip the packaging open.

It’s only then that you see the small scissors printed on the side, indicating where you should have cut it in the first place.

You had your thumb over it.

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