The whatifs and shouldvedones Part 2

I’ve noticed something odd today about the Whatifs and the Shouldvedones. I wrote about them before, you can read it here. To reiterate, when our minds are in state of worry, we tend to catastrophise the future. We’re capable of predicting all the horrid things that surely will happen, in the most excruciating  High DefinitionTechnicolor disastrous detail. The Whatifs. Some people have less problems dealing with Whatifs than others. Some drink them under the table. Others (like me) try to  lose them in hills. The Shouldvedones make us ponder about all those regretful decisions we have made  in the past and show us the (equally inTechnicolor) gorgeous excuisiteness we’re missing out on. And today it dawned on me. The Shouldhavedones IGNORE the Past Whatifs. They deny the Past Whatifs. They pretend the Whatifs ever existed. Isn’t that odd? The shouldhavedones look back on a certain point in the past, a decision which was made, and predict that if we had made that decision differently, the outcome would have been positive. However, the Shouldhavedones are only assuming.They assume that outcome would have been positive. The idiotic Shouldvedones ignore any Whatifs we had in our head at that moment in time! Now from that we can come to the conclusion that there is no need for Whatifs anymore, they can be declared redundant.  Because we can tell the Whatifs they will be ignored in the future anyway, Or they’ll only morph into Toldyousos which more often than not are just plain annoying. Whatif I post this blog without giving it another thought?

4 thoughts on “The whatifs and shouldvedones Part 2

  1. “For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves….I regret whenever I abandon myself. But harboring regrets is making love to the past. ” Terry Tempest Williams, interview w/ Justine Toms on New Dimensions Radio.

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