One of my paintings is on the cover of womenwriters ‘s new literary online journal,

Hide - Oil on canvas

Hide – Oil on canvas

I wanted to write something about the painting, but after staring at an empty screen for 30 minutes I gave up. I found it impossible. Not from a pedantic pretentious my art speaks for itself point of view but simplistically put, you’ll either like it or you don’t. You read in it what you will. You can look at it and groan inwardly “See that’s what happens when people do the autodidact thing and end up with no skill.”

It all depends on perspective. Your perspective.

Like so brilliantly summed up in this movie.

One thought on “Painting

  1. You are fabulous! It is all good. It is very mysterious. I bet it says different things when you are in different moods. Be gentle w/ your art. As you keep doing art and write, your style will change as you change. Nothing is static. Neither is the process of creating.

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