“Wow that life sounds so idyllic.”

I’m thinking of these words while I am looking at villager O’s face. She smiles at me. I remember the first time when I sat in her kitchen and told her about my dreams which had been shattered and what it was like having to start again, how hard I found it to even put seeds in the ground, because sowing seeds seemed too symbolic.

“That is nothing.”

And she told me about her shattered life, buried in the local cemetery. Not once, but three times.

Too young to have stories of their own, only able to form part of a bigger story, her story.



12 thoughts on “Xanadu

  1. Simple and powerful….not sure I need more. I’m writing the rest of the story in my head.
    One of the things I take from it is that it is so easy to suppose that someone’s else life is idyllic. The it’s-all-right-for-them attitude because they live in a beautiful place or house/have a lot of money or family/have what you aspire to….

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