Q is for Questions.

“A Donde vas?” Where are you going? Villager M asked, eyeing the tool I had in my hand with suspicion. I wasn’t sure how to answer her. People didn’t go to the veggieplot at this hour. It was lunchtime. You didn’t work in the veggieplot during lunchtime.

Villager M isn’t just nosy. Villager M is the Village Inquisitor. No one is spared. Not even kids. Try imagining your neighbour asking you where you are going, just like that.

The type of questions depend on the time of day as well as the direction you are coming from. If it is clear you are coming back from somewhere, people will ask you where you’ve been. If it is after one o’clock people will always ask you “Xa comiches?” Have you eaten yet?

The odd thing is, in the beginning, polite as I was, I always explained where I was going.  But that without fail turned into more questions. What was I going to do there. Why was I going to do that there and not in another place. And I made the stupid mistake of replying that no, I hadn’t eaten yet. I was still unfamiliar with the near unhealthy obsession Galegos have with food. Not having eaten at the time when people are supposed to have eaten was immediately met with another question. Why not?

The other problem which occurred was that people began to spice up the answers I had given. Villagers aren’t narrow-minded in the slightest. They are brilliant at filling in details and adding some.

I decided to give downright bizarre answers, to see if that would stop it. Where are you going? Straight to hell, obviously. People would get the point. I answered all Villager M’s questions with a standard ”You want to know everything.”  But it didn’t deter them in the slightest.

It soon dawned on me, in order to beat them, I’d have to join them.

And I did.

I’d go so far saying it is liberating, being outright nosy. I mean, we all do want to know where the other person has been. It was mere politeness and upbringing that stopped me from asking these questions before. Maybe we’re not that interested in what the other person has had for lunch, but we’d like to know where they’ve been.

Which blog are you going to next?

8 thoughts on “Q is for Questions.

    • 🙂 It really is liberating. It is also really nice that in this society you can comment and rant without people holding a grudge…It’s completely accepted to ”parent” other people’s kids too.

  1. Ah, the questions good one. I love them especially how kids will ask questions. Conversations with them are great. As for next blog? Well, the one after you on the list or maybe the one after that, I can’t remember which ones the links don’t work on now. Or the ones that follow my other blog link as I am posting on two blogs for this challenge. 🙂

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