“I’ve decided I’m going to write about you lot on the internet.”  I told Villager T.  Villager T and I always try to outwit each other. Villager T, it has to be said, is the village clown.  ”I’m going to tell everyone you’re the village drunk and that we always and forever discuss how we are going to exchange my car for your horse.” He burst out laughing at that.

I’m starting on Monday, I’ll begin with A and will end with Z, every day a letter.  Apart from Sundays. Not to keep in Catholic Village tradition, but because that is one of the rules for the a-z blog challenge I have decided to join.

A will be for Answers and Ants. B will be for Bread and Bored, C might be Cats,  Cows or Colorado beetles.  And I will somehow  fit in that story about the Priest who was ousted by the village women.

a to z

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